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What are the Guidelines for Inflight Health?

There has been a great deal of press on this topic over the past few years, mostly around the issue of deep vein thrombosis. To put this into some sort of context for the ordinary traveller to Florida, you are more likely to die in a road traffic accident than through a long haul flight to Florida.

However, at Florida4less we like to be able to provide all our customers with peace of mind and have put together a short guide around the topic of in-flight health.

If any of the following affects you then you'll need to seek medical advice before your Florida holiday:

  • Heart or blood vessel problems
  • Breathing difficulties such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Recent Head Injury
  • Mobility Problems
  • Stomach or bowel problems
  • Hormone therapy
  • Cancer
  • Current infectious disease
  • Ear or sinus pain
  • Limb injuries including fractures
  • Psychiatric problems
  • Any recent surgery
  • Requirement for specialist equipment e.g. nebuliser, additional oxygen

You should NOT fly if:

  • You have scuba dived within the last 48 hours
  • You have undergone general anaesthetic or had any dental treatment within 48 hours
  • You have donated blood in the past 24 hours

Prior to and during the flight we have some advice and tips you may want to take to ensure your in-flight health and overall experience is as enjoyable as possible:

Keep Mobile

Walk around the cabin on a regular basis to aid circulation. When seated avoid crossing your legs and ensure you change position often. It's also advisable to have regular arm and leg stretches which helps with circulation too.

Food and Drink

It's important to keep hydrated and water and fruit juice is best for this - ask a member of cabin crew if you are thirsty. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks as these can be dehydrating. Try to avoid eating heavy foods - eat light as this will aid your comfort whilst in the air by preventing bloating.

Stay comfortable

We recommend that you wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes and shoes when flying. If you wear contact lenses we advise you remember to take your glasses as flying can dry out eyes.

More answers about your Florida holiday are available in the Florida FAQ.


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